Perfect Zero Visual Alignment System

The Perfect Zero Visual Alignment System has sizes for every CNC mill, lathe, grinder, laser, and anything CNC. This product was specfically designed for aligning tools on the Guide Bushing side of the machine, and can be installed in many different configurations to fit any machine. 

Aligning gang ID tools on swiss CNC machines can be tough with contact style indicators. Also it is always a transfer measurement from the guide to the sub and then back to the tool. That's a lot of room for error.

Perfect Zero Swiss eliminates all of this room for error with a non-contact camera to visually align tools and fixturing.
Every camera comes with its own laptop computer and specialized software that guides you through the process of alignment. The computer comes with software loaded to complete a turnkey system.

The Perfect Zero 12mm Visual Alignment Kit includes the following:

  • 12mm Camera Guide Bushing
  • .375 Shank Sub Spindle Camera
  • Perfect Zero Software Laptop Computer with Loaded Software
  • Portable Service/Computer Cart
  • .25, .375, .5, .625, .75 Visual Targets Camera and Components Case

Sub Spindle Camera Dimensions

Guide Bushing Camera Dimensions