Shop Vision

The cutting-edge Wi-Fi camera system specially designed for seamless integration into CNC environments.

Our industrial Shop Vision camera is simple to stick just about anywhere. And our companion software lets you view all your streams in one organized place. How else can you be in dozens of places at once and keep production rolling?

Shop Vision features seamless connectivity, enabling rapid cross-compatible expansion to bring video monitoring to every piece of equipment in your facility.

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Vision in every corner of your shop...
and inside every machine...
streaming to your phone or computer.

Watch your CNC processes unfold in real-time with video streamed directly over Wi-Fi.

At the heart of Shop Vision lies its intuitive web-based software, which simplifies the monitoring process, allowing you to focus on what really matters. Shop Vision is your all-seeing eye within the CNC, providing peace of mind and unparalleled oversight of your machining processes.

Experience clear video streaming in CNC environments with our superhydrophobic lens coating, designed to repel liquids and maintain optimal visibility.

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Auto Focus Camera

Maximize machine oversight with the Shop Vision Camera Kit (SKU 400-6500): a no-magnification, wide-view lens with a hydrophobic coating for clear visibility in industrial settings. Its versatile mount installs via bolt or magnet, and a simple USB connection powers the unit with a 1-meter cord for easy setup.

cnc process monitoring camera
cnc process monitoring camera
cnc process monitoring camera

Micro Camera Image

Enhance operational insight with the (SKU 400-6520) 10mm Micro Image Camera Kit. With a 10x magnification capability and a slender 10mm diameter lens. This camera provides a focused view 20mm away, capturing close details. It comes equipped with a 2-meter-long USB cord for flexible positioning and easy connectivity.

cnc process monitoring camera
cnc process monitoring camera
cnc process monitoring camera