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- Released software update and next generation web-app upgrade for Perfect Zero CNC Alignment     11-10-2021

- See you at PMTS 2021    10-12 2021

- Tool Life additions to include Root Cause Identification and advanced vibration sensing    5-16-2020

-  SkilFreek updates with new web feature layout              3-19-2020

-  Additions to Perfect Zero,  exact fit swiss machine cameras             12-5-2019

- Introducing Tool Life!  The future of machining!     11-1-2019

- Introducing SkilFreek!  Capturing the Power of Organized Processes        6-17-2019

- Ben York on Taking The Art Out Of Machining     4-12-2019

- See you at PMTS 2019        4-2-2019 to 4-4-2019

- See you at IMTS 2018!        9-8-2018 to 9-16-2018

- Introducing Perfect Zero!  CNC Alignment Cameras       8-30-2018

- Using Cameras To Align Tools And Spindles On Swiss-Type Lathes     7-22-2018

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