10mm Swiss Main Camera and Sub Spindle Alignment Camera

Published: April 22, 2022 - 1 min read
swiss alignment camera

Our Perfect Zero CNC Alignment systems now include a 10mm guide bushing camera and a 10mm sub-spindle camera. These will universally fit your 10mm swiss machines and larger. They have all of our newest technology built into them. The Generation 2 image sensor has an even better resolution to magnify to smallest cutting edges. They are also cross-compatible with the Perfect Zero system you already have. All of our Generation 2 cameras do require a simple software update available upon request. The 10mm cameras can be ordered as a kit or individually. Call, email, or simply click on the items below for pricing.

Camera Options

We are now offering this web-app upgrade to our new and existing customers to complement and supercharge their Perfect Zero CNC Alignment kits. In addition, we are providing a no-cost update to our existing Perfect Zero customers for their locally installed Perfect Zero software. This update only improves upon our trusted earlier versions, leveraging some of our most recent technology. The team at Theory 168 can't wait to see how our customers respond to these exciting new software options. We look forward to hearing from you!

Camera options we offer:

  • 400-1000: (.500) Diameter Swiss Main Alignment Camera

  • 400-1001: (.500) Diameter Swiss Main Alignment Camera With Extended Knob

  • 400-1002: 12mm (.472) Swiss Main Alignment Camera

  • 400-1003: 12mm (.472) Swiss Main Alignment Camera With Extended Knob

  • 400-1004: 10mm (.393) Swiss Main Alignment Camera

  • 400-1005: 500 Diameter Universal Alignment Camera

  • 400-1006: 12mm (.472) Universal Alignment Camera

  • 400-1007: 10mm (.393) Universal Alignment Camera

Each kit includes:

  • Preferred Camera

  • Metric Targets

  • 3 Ft. USB Extension Cord

  • Lens Wipes

  • Local Software Download & License for One Computer

  • Service Tray

  • Protective Case