Y-Axis Adjustable Sleeve

Published: April 12, 2023 - 2 min read
sleeve to set y axis on swiss machines dimensions

We are excited to introduce our latest product, the Perfect Zero Y-Axis Adjustment Sleeve, designed to give Swiss machines the ability to adjust a different axis on the sub-spindle. This innovative tool is simple to adjust with the Perfect Zero camera, decreasing setup time from previous methods and is affordably priced.

See how the Perfect Zero Y-Axis works in real-time with the Perfect Zero Camera

By using the Perfect Zero camera system in combination with our Y-Axis Adjustment Sleeve, you can achieve the perfect zero position in just minutes. This is a huge improvement over traditional methods, which could take hours to achieve the same level of accuracy.

Why Perfect Zero Y-Axis Adjustment Sleeve?

clock Decreased set up time
scale money Affordable to buy and maintain
efficiency graph Improve efficiency

The collet sleeve has been designed to give a very adjustable way to set the Y axis on swiss machines. Combined with your Perfect Zero camera system, this tool allows to positionally align collet clamped tools. Holder has a collet holding taper that is .0100" off center. Loosen the set screws and rotate the holder until the Y axis is perfectly centered. Tighten set screws. Adjust the X axis to center and make offset in your machine.

Key Values

  1. Gives Swiss machines the ability to adjust a different axis on the sub spindle

  2. Simple to adjust with the Perfect Zero camera

  3. Decreases setup time from previous methods

  4. Coolant through 1/8" NPT side connection

Camera options we offer:

  • 400-1320 .75" Diameter

  • 400-1321 1" Diameter

  • 400-1321 1" Diameter