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We partner with GenSwiss to deliver the Perfect Zero Visual Alignment System and our other products to you. Please check out their site for more information or contact us directly at [email protected]
Camera Options we offer:
400-1123: 12.7mm (.500) Swiss Main Alignment Camera 
400-1124: 12.7 mm(.500) Swiss Sub/Universal Alignment Camera
400-1125: SD125R Non Rotary Guide Bushing Alignment Camera
400-1126: SD125R Guide Bushing Alignment Camera 
400-1127: Star TD10 Guide Bushing Alignment Camera
400-1128: TD7 Guide Bushing Alignment Camera
400-1129: Tornos TF10 Sub Collet Alignment Camera
400-1130: Star SR10 TF15 Sub Collet Alignment Camera
400-1132: 12.7 (.500) Swiss Main Alignment Camera With Extended Knob
400-1136: 12mm (.472) Swiss Main Alignment Camera
400-1137: 12mm (.472) Swiss Sub/Universal Alignment Camera
400-1140: Citizen B12 TF16 Sub Collet Alignment Camera
400-1149: Tornos TD10 Guide Bushing Alignment Camera
Each Kit Includes:
Prefered Camera
Perfect Zero Software Laptop Computer with Loaded Software
Portable Service/Computer Cart
.25, .375, .5, .625, .75 Visual Targets Camera and Components Case

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