10mm Swiss Camera


Our Perfect Zero CNC Alignment systems now include a 10mm guide bushing camera and a 10mm sub-spindle camera. These will universally fit your 10mm swiss machines and larger. They have all of our newest technology built into them. The Generation 2 image sensor has an even better resolution to magnify to smallest cutting edges. They are also cross-compatible with the Perfect Zero system you already have. All of our Generation 2 cameras do require a simple software update available upon request. The 10mm cameras can be ordered as a kit or individually. Call, email, or simply click on the items below for pricing.

Camera Options

Camera options we offer:

  • 400-1142: 10mm (.393) Swiss Main and Sub Alignment Camera

  • 400-1143: 10mm (.393) Swiss Main Alignment Camera Kit

  • 400-1144: 10mm (.393) Swiss Sub Alignment Camera Kit

  • 400-1206: 10mm (.393) Swiss Main Alignment Camera

  • 400-1207: 10mm (.393) Swiss Sub/Universal Alignment Camera

Each kit includes:  

  • Preferred Camera

  • Metric Targets

  • 3 Ft. USB Extension Cord

  • Lens Wipes

  • Local Software Download & License for One Computer

  • Service Tray

  • Protective Case

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